Thursday, February 24, 2011

Education is not Preparation for life; Education is life itself

Logical reasoning and deductions, understanding of relationships, finding implications, solving problematic situations, application of principles, Interpretation of data, Critical analysis, Evaluation and Discrimination are the challenges to the brain storming sessions. The real goal of education is making an interdependent global society. A society where enable and disable, superior and inferior successful and failure, winner and loser –all understand and learn from each other’s. It’s not just about the higher class, or highly qualified or even enables.  It’s about each and every individual. Learning is a place where paradise can be created. The classroom with all its limitations remains a location of possibility. This is education as the practice of freedom. The awakening of intelligence is more important than the cultivation of memory, both in life and in academics. The greatest things in life are those that cannot be taught but they can be learnt. The feeling of love, respect, beauty, and friendship, cannot be taught but like sensitivity, it can be awakened and this is an essential part of intelligence. The aims of education may vary a little from country to country but essentially, all over the world, education is aiming to produce a human being who is intelligent, knowledgeable, hard working, efficient, disciplined, smart, and successful; hopefully a leader in his field of endeavor. 

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