Monday, May 16, 2011

Life is real, don’t make it as complex: A mathematical Approach

The main problem of our life is ‘ego’.  If ego has gone from us then 

everything else will go away from us automatically.

The present day life is complex, not because nature gives us a complex life but because of our ego (I) we make the real life as a complex one. Now, we compare this with complex number a+ib, where a and b are real numbers. Further a is called real part, b is called imaginary part and i = sqrt (-1),  this number a+ib becomes complex because ‘i’ is there between a and b, otherwise it is sum of two real numbers a and b which is a real number.

Now we will discuss how to make this complex number (complex life) as a real number (real life)? This can be explained in the following easy ways:

· If we remove ‘I’ (‘I’ ness from us, that is, the ego from us) then the number (life) becomes real.

 Instead of living in the present, that is, in reality, we live most of the time either in the past or in the future. So we are always in the imaginary world. This makes our life as complex. Now by allowing the imaginary part of our life tends to zero (b→0) we can make the complex life (number) as a real life (number). This shows that we have to live in the present and utilize it as effectively as possible.

·        We think all the time about ourselves forgetting the absolute (God), which is the reason for our complexity. If we are in the remembrance of God then life becomes real. It is like taking absolute value of a complex number, that is,                      a+ib=sqrt (a^2 + b^2), which is a real number. From this can understand that if we are in the remembrance of God then the life becomes real.

·         Finally, if we find the root (origin) of positive value then we get real value. But if we try to find he root of negative value we get complex value, i.e., sqrt (-x^2)= ix. So in our life if we have any negative characters then there is no need to find the root of it, just remove it, so that life becomes real.


Spirituality says that we suffer because of our desire. Buddha said cut the desire of chain anywhere then in will fall. So we can define happiness as follows:

Happiness = b/a, where a = Number of desires we have, b = Number of desires fulfilled. 

The fraction b/a value will increase by decreasing the value of a, that is we will be more happy if we reduce the number of desires. The fraction value will decrease by increasing the value of a, that is we will be less happy if we increase the number of desires. One who has infinite desires will not be happy at all. On the other hand one who has no desire happy at all times. The saints and children are the only people who allow a→0, so they are always happy.

From: Values Through Mathematics

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