Tuesday, February 15, 2011

English Rendezvous with Math

It is indeed a myth that math is not about language but only about symbols and numbers. English language proficiency is strongly correlated to mathematical problem-solving skills. Promoting English language in teaching Mathematics is a positive attitude towards the acceptance of fascination of Mathematics. English is a practical and accessible language. It covers a wide range of getting sources and information of study material, new researches, subject knowledge and new technologies. Creating English Learning Environment in teaching Math is a need of developing countries for their development.

English language provides numerous opportunities for both students and teachers to engage in mathematical experiences within international learning communities linked via computer networking facilities. Everyone should develop his or her English language proficiency to understand the role of mathematical sciences in today’s world.

No doubt English-Mathematics combination is a highly intellectual one in which all the disciplines intersect. Mathematical culture and English learning upbringing provide a bridge for entering into intellectual galaxies.

Globalization is leaving its impact on Higher Education by way of new enhancement in technology, communication and International research work. In this era, we cannot imagine the development of any country without accepting the knowledge of English language as a valuable resource.

Mathematics is a highly intellectual discipline. The world of Mathematics is essentially a man-made world and has been designed to meet man’s ideas of intellectual perfection. This fascination should not be limited to its cultivators, the mathematicians or its users, the scientists, but must be felt by every citizen. 

Young people need to think innovatively and creatively on challenging problems from all fields of life by making mathematical models, drawing conclusions, comparing them with observations at local and global level. Of course it is true that Mathematics needs cognitive and logical thinking and the language part is not much essential while teaching but at the same time, the teaching of Mathematics in English provides the challenge to each others’ learning and practices and generally to increase their knowledge about problems of Mathematics around the world and about the solutions that have worked in other places and it is regarded as one of the corner stones for the sustaining of young ones.

Teaching Mathematics in English provides many opportunities: More accessibility like creating competitive environment, finding Global outreach, getting more accessibility of study material etc. So it is a need of any country to motivate and promote Mathematics teaching in English so that students satisfy the needs of the Mathematical Community.

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