Monday, August 17, 2009

India as a home of mathematical advancement

It is a matter of real pride that India is a home of mathematical advancement. The biggest invention in Mathematics since the prehistoric period is locating and identifying by us. The miracle happened in India and from this country it was propagated to all the places throughout the world. Since the days of Arya Bhatt and Leelawati to the present age of renowned Indian Mathematician Ramanujan, we have made remarkable thrust in solving the mysteries of Mathematics. That’s why we must know Indian Contribution in Mathematics.

Kim Plofker from Netherlands says that “India’s contribution to the development of mathematical concepts is least understood and most understudied” says. According to her “Indian mathematical science is extremely important and has a significant effect on the world’s knowledge as it is today. There is severe deficiency in western historiography about the Indian contribution. The lack of available resources has kept us under informed about the developments that have taken place in India.” She believed that “Various numerical methods have entered the Arab texts in 8th century from Indian materials. Also the decimal place value, trigonometry and Arabic algebra are India’s gift to maths.”

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