Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Asian Mathematical Conference at Kualalumpur

I presented the paper on " Promising Areas in Mathematics" in Asian Mathematical Conference organized at Kualalumpur, Malaysia. As all of us know that Mathematics is everywhere. Its applications is used in various areas. Attending and Presenting the paper in out of India was wonderful experience for me.


Bhargav1990Gowda said...

Hello ma'am i a few problems which i couldn't solve please help,

1.In a selection processes , each candidate has to appear for 2 types of test -T1 and T2 . 200 candidates failed in T2 while 300 failed in T1. Ratio of the number of candidates who failed in both T1 and T2 is same as the ratio of the number of candidates who passed in T2 to those who passed in T1.This ratio is integral value .Find the number of candidates who passed in both the tests.

2.A student got marks in the ratio 6:7:8:9:10 in five subjects having equal maximum marks . In all , he scored 60% marks . In how many subjects he got more than 50%?

3.How many 5 digits different nos can be formed which is divisible by 4 from the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 without repetition

4.If ab+bc+ca=0 , then the value of 1/(a^2 -bc) + 1/(b^2 - ac) + 1/(c^2-ba) is equal to what ?

Unknown said...

The total no. Of ways in which it is possible to make a selection by taking some or all n different things is given by 2 ki power n -1......Mam please prove this statements

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